How To Find Cheap Flights


If the cost of a flight is too high, it really can make you not want to take that trip. So I want to share my tricks with you to finding the cheapest flights. 



The Day Matters

First things first, the day you fly actually matters Air Fare Watch Dog studied the cheapest days to fly and as it turns out Tuesday's and Wednesday's are the cheapest. Through personal searches, I've found that Thursday's are often cheap as well. Whenever possible I add a 2-3 day flexible gap when searching for flights. If your schedule allows, always try and do this. A days' difference can often make a big difference. 


 Hopper App

Hopper App


The Site Matters

Not all flight companies are equal. My go to is always but I always check a few others at the same time which includes Kayak.comAirfarewatchdog, Google Flights and Cheap Flights. When I am looking to book a flight I monitor my route prior to booking, on my phone using the app Hopper and the Chrome Browser tab Hitlist. I essentially check everything prior to booking, there is nothing more frustrating than booking a flight and finding one on another site an hour later for a couple hundred dollars cheaper. When I do find a flight I want to book, it is usually through a site like SkyScanner or Kayak, which links me to the actually booking site such as Delta, Emirates, etc. so before booking, I open another tab and check the same flight path through the actual companies website. For example there have been a few times when I will get it cheaper through Delta, rather than using the link through SkyScanner. 




One Way Tickets Matter

It's not always that I do this, but there have been times when it is most cost effective to book a one-way ticket to my destination and then book a one-way ticket home. For whatever reason, and that I don't know, I can seldom find two one-way tickets for a few hundred dollars cheaper, than booking a return ticket. 

  Not these kind of cookies!   Credit:  Follow The Rules    

Not these kind of cookies!  Credit: Follow The Rules


Cookies Matter

Computer cookies what the hell are those amiright? Well, they are little files stored in your computer that link your information to clients or websites. So why does that have anything to do with booking a flight? When you visit a site data from your visit is logged using cookies. If you search the same thing over and over your computer is going to log that. So if you are looking for a flight say and you keep checking to see if the flight went down in price, that website is going to track that you keep checking back and slowly raise the price on the ticket, to capitalize on your purchase. When I look for a flight I search in private browsing. Once I am ready to purchase a flight I clear my cookies, history, and download history, then I purchase. 


Time Matters

Lastly when you know you'd like to book a flight start looking right away! I use and the hopper app to watch the flight prices, to see if they are going to go up or down. allows you to subscribe to daily flight price alerts, which they email straight to your inbox. while hopper will send you push notifications on your smart phone by searching your flight info and clicking 'watch This trip'. don't forget to turn on notifications, as the app will alert you when the price drops. by doing these two things you will feel confident that you found the best flight price once booked. 


Did you manage to find a cheaper flight using these tricks or some of your own?

Let me know below!