I am absolutely in love with this camera. The mega pixels alone make this camera incredible, but the weight and how compact it is is ultimately what made me choose Sony. 

This is an incredible lens. The bokeh is amazing! I have used this lens solely on a multiple trips. It is so light and takes the sharpest images. If you only have the money for one lens, buy this one. It works for both landscape, although you do need to stand back a ways and portrait photography

I keep this with me for wide angle shots and anything underwater or in bad weather conidtions. 

I have a love hate relationship with this drone. For the price, I honestly don't think it is living up to it's standard. I get beautiful images... not 100% clear, but it does the trick. The video on the other hand is just okay. If you have the money sure go for it, but I would research some of the newer models first. 

My go to portable tripod! I love that is it flexible perfect for taking images alone on unstable ground. 

This is the perfect mic for travel, it is compact (about the length of an iPhone) and it makes the sound picked up by my Sony sound ten times better.