My health journey started when I was a kid. My mother has always been very interested in living the healthiest life possible, so we were raised with this in mind. School lunches were heavily seeded bread, apples, carrots .. while the other kids got Lunchables and Fruit Roll Ups I was jealously muchin' on carrots. I was healthy for all of my childhood and teens, but when I turned twenty that's when things started to deteriorate. I moved to the Cayman Islands and started working on a yacht as a scuba diving instructor. Meals were served as is and there was no option to choose otherwise. I had never censored what I ate so down went the cookies, breads, sweetened drinks and I noticed small changes in my body. My weight went up, energy went down and my joins started becoming very painful. On my days off I flew home to Canada and when I landed in the Miami airport to transfer flights, I could barely walk. My knees were so swollen I almost asked for a wheelchair. 

When I arrived home I told my mom how much my knees were hurting and she immediately told me to cut out all sugars and breads. Within a week of being home on my mothers healthy diet I was feeling a lot better. 

 A year later I quit my job in the Cayman Islands and moved to Vancouver, BC. While living in Vancouver I took a job managing a Naturopathic office in Yaletown. I was literally a sponge working there. Soaking up every bit of information about living a healthier life that I could. The doctors would be checking out clients, answering last minute questions, and I would just be there waiting to check them out, soaking up every answer they gave. This I realize years later was my own journey to living a healthier life. Being more aware of what I was eating and drinking. Checking your bodies acidity was often brought up during check out, but for some reason I never did it on myself. 

Years down the road I went back to working as a scuba diving instructor. My days like the last job (in the Cayman Islands) would start around 5:00 AM and finish between 9-10:00 PM. I was exhausted and now realize that working these hours started an extremely expensive, and long battle to overcome chronic fatigue syndrome. 

At the peak of my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I was barely able to get out of bed in the morning. I would get winded just climbing a set of stairs, never able to complete a full work out, I often could not survive a full day of work and would leave to take a nap in my car during my lunch break (everyone at work thought I was smoking pot, nope just taking a nap guys). My mental clarity was a whole other monster, I could barely remember conversations I had five minutes ago let alone retell a story. My friendships started to deminish, instead of going out I would stay home and sleep, never feeling rested. Along with all this I was always, always thirsty. I got tested for diabetes, yes my blood sugar was high. My thyroid was tested and all was normal. My kidneys were tested and came back in the "we better get you to a specialist" zone. I wasn't able to sleep a full night without getting up to go to the bathroom a few times. All that and my body just could not digest anything. It was all extremely frustrating and I felt defeated.

So what changed? How do I literally have none of these issues and more energy that ever before? A couple things I attribute my change to: 

  • My mental clarity 
    • Drinking Kangen water has changed this my head feels clear 
    • My memory has also gotten better
  • Joint swelling and pain
    • My knees no longer have any pain along with drinking Kangen water I avoid sugar, bread and alcohol (as much as possible)
  • Kidneys 
  • Energy
    • My energy has done a total 180
    • I get up every morning and go to the gym
    • I no longer need to have a nap in my car and often sleep less than before and still feel rested
  • Digestion
    • This one has got to be, next to energy, the biggest difference. I can digest everything except for wheat. I used to have huge issues here and this has also made me feel more energized

So yah all this changed because I decided to put my health first. I also believe that because our bodies are 72% water, that if were putting toxic, acidic, chlorine filled water into the body that is 72% of the issue right there. Was the Kangen water the be all end all that changed it? No, but it was a huge huge piece of the puzzle to healing my body from the inside out.